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Remember the Aritaum Full Cover collection that I blogged about before? I just couldn"t resist, so I got the Aritaum BB Cream and the DUO Cream Concealer to lớn try. I"ve been using it for 3 months now & I gotta say that I really lượt thích both products. Wanna see the whole reviews and swatches? Make sure khổng lồ read the blogpost and if you are interested, feel không tính tiền to join the giveaway at the end of this post!

These two products are sold at The Aritaum BB Cream is sold for $18.62 (link lớn product) there and the Duo Concealer for $10.86 (link to lớn product).COMMERCIALThe reason why I wanted khổng lồ try these products is because of the video clip below. The girl in the video has some pimples & she covers them up with Aritaum Full Cover products. It covers her pimples really well while having a radiant finish afterwards...ARITAUM FULL COVER BB CREAM SPF50+ PA+++ 50MLThe Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream is suitable for all skin types. It is sold in 2 shades: 01 Light Beige và 02 Natural Beige. My skin tone is more lượt thích NC20 at the moment so I got the 02 Natural Beige. It contains SPF50+ PA+++ which is great during Summer time but I"m just using it during Fall & most probably going lớn use it during Winter as well. Besides it protects you from UV rays, it also has whitening & anti-wrinkle properties. It claims to lớn cover your skin flaws (pores, blemishes, unevenness) all day long, so no need to lớn worry about dark or red areas anymore! This BB cream also contains rose water (refreshes và moisturizes), macadamia nut oil (creates skin protection layer) và collagen extracts (improves skin elasticity & moisturizes). Sounds amazing right?
The Aritaum Full Cover BB cream comes in a squeeze tube which makes it hygienic và it"s easy khổng lồ get the hàng hóa out.

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.HOW khổng lồ USEThere are 3 ways lớn apply this BB cream. Khổng lồ get different results you should vì chưng the following:• to get a firm & elastic skin: spread evenly with hand.• For a natural radiant skin: tap gently with a puff.• For a flawless smooth skin: spread it evenly with a brush. I personally only tried the first method, but I noticed that I"m getting all 3 results by just using my hand for application hahah.SWATCHESIn the swatches below you can already see that it has a radiant finish. It"s very easy to lớn spread & it doesn"t have a scent.
.COVERAGEIt has a medium to lớn high coverage. I"ve only applied one layer in the picture below và the star is barely visible anymore. You can ofcourse put another layer khổng lồ get that high coverage.
Just lượt thích the BB cream, this Aritaum Full Cover Duo Concealer is suitable for all skin types. This is a cream concealer và has 2 shades inside.This product covers all blemishes, freckles, moles et cetera. It contains rose hip oil extracts which will keep your skin moist và is scentless.
.HOW to lớn USEAccording to lớn the descriptions you should mix the 2 colors depending on your skin tone, cover your blemishes and spread it with your fingers or brush. I usually use a brush, since I don"t like to dig my finger into the pot. Besides, it"s way easier khổng lồ combine the two colors with a brush as well.SWATCHES
.COVERAGEThe texture is creamy & it is very easy lớn spread. It has a medium to high coverage. The coverage is higher than the one from the BB cream though. I usually use this for my freckles and under eyes.
.ON THE FACEIn the picture below I"ve applied both products on my face. It"s not really visible on the picture below but it gives a subtle radiant finish which I love! It gives a very natural finish và that"s why I like it. It"s not cakey yet it covers my freckles really well. I know it"s still visible but just slightly. I"ve been using the two products for 3 months now và it"s definitely the best combination. It"s easy lớn spread, gives a very good coverage and creates a subtle matte but also radiant finish (it"s a bit in between). I"ve already purchased another one of the cream concealer & still got plenty of BB cream left.Keep in mind that I haven"t edited the lighting nor I photoshopped below pictures, I"ve only added the text.

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.FINAL THOUGHTSIt didn"t whiten my skin after using it for 3 months, which is in my opinion great, since I"m pretty pale already haha. It keeps my skin moist và the BB cream actually really stays good for the whole day. Because I have an oily t-zone, my concealer does starts khổng lồ fade after 5-6 hours, which means it can last pretty long I think. Of course this will differ per person but I"m just sharing my experience. I would definitely purchase these two products again và again!If you would like to purchase it, check the products out HERE and HERE..GIVEAWAY TIMESince I LOVE both products I decided khổng lồ host a giveaway. In collaboration with I will give away both items. There will be 2 winners, which means that there will be 1 winner for each product.The winner may choose the shade that they like. The giveaway is xuất hiện worldwide, which means everybody may join. All you need to bởi is fill in the size below. Make sure to vày all of the first 4 steps, for more entries you can answer the other questions that you will see as well. This giveaway ends on the 13th of November 2014.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello everyone!Today I am finally back with a new review to all of you, và this time I am going to tóm tắt my reviews on Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer in #02 Natural Beige that I bought about six months ago.

Description :
Aritaum claims that this liquid concealer is waterproof, sweat proof và smudge proof. It contains rosehip oil complex to moisturize and protect the skin from dryness all day long. It also has the ability lớn cover large areas (blemishes and pores) with a small amount of the concealer to lớn get a sleek & flawless skin.Content :25 ml
Shade :
#02 Natural Beige
Price :
IDR 100.000

Besides BB cream, BB cake and makeup fixer, there are three different types of concealer under their "Full Cover" line; liquid concealer, stick concealer, & cream concealer. Và this liquid concealer is only available in two shades, #01 Light Beige và #02 Natural Beige.

The packaging of this concealer is very travel-friendly và hygienic. This concealer comes in a squeeze tube with a twist cap, which is so convenient for me khổng lồ control the amount of the sản phẩm that comes out. And this concealer is also quite large and very generous in amount, because it contains 25 ml of the hàng hóa inside!

As you can see.. I chose the darkest shade of the two, but fortunately this is the right shade which matches my medium skin tone perfectly. & #02 Natural Beige is a shade of beige with yellow undertone in it.
The coverage of this concealer is high - it cancels out any redness, makes my pimples look less visible, và covers my acne scars quite nicely.. Và I only need a small amount of this concealer to cover up all of my imperfections.But however, since this is a full coverage product, the consistency of this concealer is thick and quite heavy. It is also a bit hard to lớn blend, & it might look cakey on your skin if you apply too much or if you bởi vì not blend it well enough. Actually I prefer to lớn use my fingertips to blend the concealer, because the toàn thân heat from my fingers really helps to lớn melt và blend the concealer more naturally.This concealer has a matte finish, it is a bit drying & I bởi vì not think it moisturizes well like they claims. As the lasting power, it does not stay for a whole day và I did notice some fading after about five hours, but I think it is not a huge problem.
Overall.. I think this concealer is a good deal, since the price is very affordable và you will get a large tube that contains a lot of sản phẩm inside! It also does have a high coverage and a little goes a really long way. But I vì chưng not recommend you lớn use this concealer under the eye area due khổng lồ its thick consistency.

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